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Cooking with Herbs: Fresh tastes

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SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 1:30-3:30 pm at Blue Pearl Farms

Fresh herbs bring both vivid and subtle flavors to the table, and cuisines around the world focus on showcasing locally grown green favorites. In our second herb workshop of our Spring Workshop Series, you will get hands on experience in designing and preparing every part of a meal with dishes featuring fresh organic herbs from our nursery.

Choosing herbs that blend well with one another and the main ingredients, finding the ones you prefer in teas and other beverages, or deciding on combinations to perk up tapas-style little plates of snacks, salads, fish, meat, legumes, and desserts with aromatic and delicious flavors are part of getting to know these leafy plants a little better.

We will select and harvest the herbs, clean and cook them up, and devour our work before you go.

You will take home recipes, ideas, and a small bundle of herbs to inspire your next meal.

Blue Pearl Farms workshops focus on hands on experiences, with lots of time for you to ask questions about beekeeping and bees.

Cancellation policy: If we receive your cancellation up to 7 days before the class, the cost is refunded in full less a $5 administrative fee. If you wish to transfer your seat to someone, we are happy to work with you and ask you to get in touch for details. Otherwise, the registration is nonrefundable.

Blue Pearl Farms offers workshops on a variety of topics throughout the farm year. We are located at 9760 Randall Rd, Mc Clellanville SC 29458. Email if you have any questions. For more information please visit our website at