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Hemp Rich Buzz Cream



We added hemp oil to our Classic Buzz Cream to make a super moisturizer that works from head to toe, including your face and hands. Hemp oil contains fatty acids that benefit our skin but are not present in other butters or oils commonly found in skin products. Hemp Rich Buzz Cream feels light and fresh, and is absorbed quickly into your skin. Wind, sun, water, and even temperature controlled environments contribute to drying our skin. Hemp Rich Buzz Cream lets you apply it once, and still feel the softness at the end of the day.

We use beeswax and honey from our bees, and organic food grade oils and resins to complete the formulas in our Buzz line of skin products. Use clean dry hands and store in a cool place. Hemp Rich Buzz Cream has a scent with a slightly nutty character, with a little lightness from the honey and beeswax. 3 Fl Oz/85 ml

And can reuse or recycle the container!