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Hemp Rich Finger Buzz



Sometimes you need quick relief from dry and distressed skin. Our Hemp Rich Finger Buzz adds the nourishing qualities of hemp oil to our classic Finger Buzz formula. Hemp oil is a "dry" oil because of its rapid absorption. We love it because our skin feels better right away, especially in problem areas like cuticles, cracks in heels and elbows, and persistently dry patches. Like all our skin solutions, Hemp Rich Finger Buzz starts off with beeswax and honey from our bees, and we use organic food grade oils and butters to complete the recipe. The hemp oil adds a slightly nutty character to the sweetness of the honey and beeswax. Net Wt 1 oz/28 g

Just pop the lid off and use the side of your thumb tip to rub in a circle on the contents. Your skin temperature will soften it and you can spread it easily from there...