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Hemp Rich Soothing Salve



Hemp Rich Soothing Salve is a new addition to our skin solutions. We love the sweet scent of honey and beeswax mixed with lavender, rosewood and frankincense and the way it feels when you gently massage it onto unhappy skin. Lavender oil is renowned for calming and soothing our senses and is known to help reduce skin irritation too. Rosewood oil acts as a mild antiseptic and analgesic to reduce pain, and frankincense oil acts as an antiseptic and to reduce inflammation. All three oils help to repel mosquitoes as well.

We use our beeswax and honey, rapidly absorbed hemp oil, along with an organic cocoa butter, to complete the formula. Hemp Rich Soothing Salve helps your mind and body fell good right away. Net wt 1 oz/28 g.

And can reuse or recycle the container!